We are here to make the American Infrastructure Competitive

By Solving US Manufacturing and Construction Challenges


Our Mission

& Philosophy

There is bipartisan consensus that the U.S. infrastructure and industrial setup is dangerously overstretched, thus holding the US economic performance back. Experts believe that a funding gap of more than $2 trillion is needed by 2025 to make U.S infrastructure competitive.


We at TIG are passionate about using our decades of experience to support a US infrastructure upgrade by building a portfolio of great component manufacturing and construction services companies. Our mission is to help our portfolio companies achieve their true potential by investing in people, processes, and products so that they can participate in the US infrastructure reinvigoration journey more competitively.  


Additionally, we recognize that one of the biggest problems faced by small manufacturing and construction companies is the lack of availability of quality trained employees in key roles. We therefore strongly believe in partnering with local resources and working towards improving individual lives - inside and outside our companies - as we work to strengthen our employees, their families and their respective communities.




  • We are neither a short term or “passive” investor … nor are we a private equity firm looking for a “quick flip”

  • TIG is committed to preserving the legacy of its acquired businesses & their founders long-term … by bringing together all the right resources to focus on taking them to a higher level of success

  • We are not start-up investors and invest in established manufacturing & construction services businesses only … with a proven cash flow history, defensible market position and a scalable business platform

  • TIG will also buy the business real estate … to show our strong commitment to keeping our acquired businesses stay where they are

  • While we are geographically agnostic ... our focus has been on the fast-growing Southeastern region of the US

  • Revenue of $2.0 million to $30 million; Adjusted Earnings of $0.5 million to $5 million


Management Strategy

  • Architecting a "Decentralized Organizational Structure" to ensure our acquired businesses stay autonomous & remain located close to customers.

  • Implementing a "Collaborative & Partnered” approach assuring that our associates feel valued & supported.

  • Investing in our people (training, maintain pay & benefits, promote from within), equipment & processes to better serve our customers

  • Fostering a corporate culture where sister companies help each other and share some functions.

In essence, we keep it simple: streamline operations, modernize the sales and marketing platform, enhance customer experience




CUSTOMER-CENTRIC: Our customers’ success is as important to us as it is to them...PERIOD.

INTEGRITY: Telling the truth, keeping our word, and treating others with fairness and respect


QUALITY: Delivering value to customers by selling and supporting superior products and services--always on time.


OUR PEOPLE: Establishing a work environment in which employees thrive.




A strong manufacturing base is critical to the long-term growth of US infrastructure as these facilities provide critical manufacturing, design prototyping and production capabilities for a wide array of industries. The US manufacturing industry is highly fragmented with nearly 20,000 machine shops and with most shops having fewer than 25 employees. While these companies often use their small size to address their customers’ needs with speed and agility, they also struggle to attract, hire, and retain talent. Getting access to capital to modernize the equipment portfolio to meet 21st century manufacturing needs is also a serious constraint for them.


TIG aims to resolve these challenges by assembling a portfolio of established machining companies under one umbrella. We will provide them with resources and training to leverage data analytics, robotics, 3D modeling and printing to drive process innovation to new heights. This in turn will not only boost productivity but will also develop an empowered, highly skilled and loyal workforce. 

We at TIG:

  • seek high-quality manufacturing companies with capabilities in CNC precision machining, metal fabrication, tool & die, injection molding & progressive metal stamping 

  • leverage our experiences to deploy world class operating techniques based on LEAN manufacturing principles especially automation & 3D printing


Why Civil Construction

Over the next 5-8 years, the metro areas for all major cities in the US have each budgeted billions of dollar to spend on infrastructure repair. These funds will be used on road, bridge, water, wastewater, sewer and utilities improvements within county, city, or state jurisdictions. For example, in metro Atlanta, the 5 largest counties have each budgeted over 1 billion dollars to spend on infrastructure repair. In part, this funding is meant to accommodate the population boom in Atlanta, which is expected to add 25 million people by 2040.


To capitalize on these opportunities, we at TIG therefore strive to help construction companies who are well established but need additional capital and technical expertise to serve their next phase of growth.


Of particular interest for TIG are:


  • established general contractors (GCs) with a turnkey focus on site/land development, excavation, horizontal directional drilling (HDD), and erosion control, especially in water, wastewater, sewer, road, bridge, telecommunications, power utilities & renewables segments

  • HVAC/Roofing/Electrical contractors in commercial space especially those who focus on “critical power” segments encompassing hospitals, airports, data centers and water/wastewater facilities

  • Solar EPC contractors and project developers with a focus on commercial and utility segments



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